make me choose » scira or stydia (asked by anonymous)
"sometimes there’s other things you wouldn’t think that would be a good combination, that turn out to be like the perfect combination. Like, two people together, that no one ever thought would be together…"

Nanny McPhee (USA - UK - France, 2005)


i hate when he does this thing with the tongue ugh

"Everywhere you go you hear things that are untrue. You’ve just got to learn that if I don’t say it, physically out of my mouth, on camera, it’s not true.”

Dyl: What if I have a weird run? (x)

'Maze Runner' Welcome (X)


James Dashner talking about Ben’s Banishment scene in The Maze Runner (x)

MAKE ME CHOOSE: Joe Sugg or Troye Sivan? (asked by anonymous)

"I didn’t choose the Sugg life, the Sugg life chose me."

Dylan O’Brien @ WonderCon 2014 x

AU: Being Luke Hemmings’ girlfriend pt. 2